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    Malika Hinds. MHC

    Malika is a professional counselor who has a Masters of Mental Health Counseling degree with a concentration in Substance Use and Addiction from Pace University. Malika has experience providing counseling services to a variety of individuals and populations through out Westchester county. Malika began facilitating groups within the CORE program at the Westchester County jail in 2017 until 2022 with the adolescents, Men and Woman population there. Currently Malika provides CBT services. Motivational interviewing and person centered care around grief, substance use, depression, anxiety , individuals impacted by substance use and addictions, domestic violence, relational issues, along with family therapy.

    Malika meets clients where they are using a client center approach to provide the best care to her clients and their families.

    Malika’s non judgmental and accepting approach allows clients to be open minded and express themselves freely without judgment. Malika uses real world experiences to build rapport to all age groups by providing relatable topics to allow connection in psychological concepts. During her free time Malika enjoys reading, traveling ,and working out.